What is HOD?

What is Hydrogen on Demand

At SEHH and FGS we feel our kits are top notch and 2nd to none, and we do not have competition when it comes to a hydrogen on demand HHO/HOD kit. We are the ONLY company who had a HOD type system. So what is the hub-bub regarding hho aftermarket kits and what is the different between all the vendors who only sell a gravity fed HHO kit, versus us where we only sell HOD kits. We do say our dual fuel generators are superior.

Gravity fed HHO kit

So here it is. A HHO kit and all the components. This is the 1st problem we see with this system. It could take 3 to 4 hours to install, and in some cases maybe longer. You have to mount all the parts and then connect everything up. Then in order to use it you drill a hole inside the air intake manifold for the hose to go in. When hydrogen gas is produced by the unit, gravity pushes the gas upwards. It is light enough NOT to get caught in the gravitational pull of the earth and gets pushed up or rises at a slow rate to make it to the inside of the air intake manifold. Once there, vehicle motion propels air into the air intake through the manifold. So the vehicle MUST be in motion to get more, higher or better volumes of hydrogen gas to interact with the motor and fuel system of it. Not very efficient or proper. It still works. It still gave rise to HHO, HHO fuel cells and systems, and the newer (not newest) introduction back in 2000, 01, 02, 03 to hydrogen as a fuel supplement. It works, but is inefficient. Also the benefits of a true hydrogen on demand system are not realized.

Hydrogen on Demand HHO kits

Now if someone had a working HOD system (like we do) that would be peachy keen. It is the cats meow. A true hydrogen on demand system will provide a vehicle with a never ending source of hydrogen gas, when the vehicle is running which is AVAILABLE for use, all the time. So even at idle you are STILL getting full benefit. But, there are other factors to consider as well.

  1.  Your motor gets steam cleaned by the elements found in the hydrogen gas. This gas contains water, hydrogen and oxygen. The 2 elements of real value or concern here, when it comes to vehicle performance, are the water and hydrogen components contained in the gas produced by the generator. The “small” water component steam cleans the interior or internals of your motor. See our clean engine video. Not only does this water component make the internals of the engine and it’s components whistle clean, running a hydrogen on damand kit gives you ZEV emissions or makes your car a eco car.
  2. As the super heated steam generated at TDC (top dead centre) expands and cools the motor to less than 300F at BDC (bottom dead centre) this is what steam cleans the cylinder shaft, valves and pistons. The super heated steam. As the temperature at BDC is 300F or less when emissions get expelled from the vehicle through exhaust, this is what gives your vehicle ZEV, PZEV, or eco car characteristics. The fact that nitrous emissions cannot form if the temperature at exhaust expulsion (BDC) is less than 300F. THAT is a fact.
  3. A one piece HOD kit, very easy to install. No bags of parts, no splitting of the water reservoir and the fuel cell. The water reservoir, dryer, mixing of gasses, hho fuel cell, etc, are all contained within ONE module. A bonus with our kits is we feel a MUST is a freeze kit. Our freeze kit ensures the pressure places on components like the hho fuel cell module, plating and seals, and reservoir stays within spec so as the reservoir does not crack, pressures places on the cell module, plating and seals is not too great upon water freeze hence no undue stress is placed on all. We do not believe other HHO gravity fed kits have this feature which we feel DOES extend module life.
  4. A actual HOD safety switch. Sure hho kits are safe already. They activate when you turn the key on for your car. We have additional safety features built into our kit. One of them is a vacuum safety switch. If there is NO vacuum pressure coming from the vehicles motor to draw in hydrogen gas, the safety switch “senses” this and shuts down power to the core of the HHO generator. Another exclusive SEHH/FGS safety feature, built right into our hho kits. There are a couple more features which make a HHO/HOD kit superior to a gravity fed HHO kit as well.

Why are we the only company who offers a hydrogen on demand system

Basically, we feel, back in the inception days of HHO systems and there up coming everyone just jumped on the main band wagon the apple cart. All HHO gravity fed kits are basically the same. Everybody copied everybody else. It is the nature of the business, the nature of competition. At FGS, the president realized if someone took the time and could create a “proper” HOD system that hooked right into the vacuum of the motor it would be quite good. So he didn’t sit on his duffer. He persevered to be great. Over a 8 year period the FGS system was tested, developed and R&D’d so as it became perfect and the application fit the device. In other words how the hydrogen fuel supplement gets applied to the device in question is critical. By perfecting a HOD kit the application of applying hydrogen as a fuel supplement yields many benefits.

This is why we are the ONLY company that has these systems. If you can find another company who offers a perfectly working system that interfaces seamlessly with your vehicle’s engine that gives near zero emissions characteristics, more power, enhanced fuel economy or mpg, steam cleaning of the motor internals, and PROPER vehicle performance/working operations when the hydrogen on demand kit is engaged, lets us know. We want to see it.

This also could be the reason(s) that gravity fed HHO kits (at least the ones we have seen) sell for 1/2 price on various internet portals. Our kits are superior and no one else has them. Thanks to all from SEHH and FGS. We are #1 and unique for a reason.