History of the hydrogen generator, Fuel Genie Systems and SEHH

At SEHH our company evolved from the participation with Fuel Genie Systems and their flagship HOD (Hydrogen on Demand) kits. Fuel Genie Systems is the WORLD leader in hydrogen enhanced air technology. Constant R&D insures these systems are unparalleled in the market today for efficiency, easy of operation, reliability and effectiveness. They have retail facility located in Clearwater that has been in operation for 7 years installing over 300 systems in vehicles during this time.

Get your HHO kits installed professionally

There are 6 Fuel Genie Systems Dealers/ Installers in the Tampa Bay area and one in the Ocala area. Their customers have spread the word far and wide about the professional attitude and handling of their vehicles when it comes to installing a hydrogen generator. The are also associated, independant distributors of Fuel Genie Systems products worldwide. Such as in Canada where we at SEHH have 6 participating garages in the Ottawa area. All Ottawa area garages are excited when it comes to hho gas, hydrogen generators, and the positive effects this technology has on the environment. 

​Is this HHO Generator and hydrogen gas technology new?

This technology is not new but until now it has not been user friendly or practical. Fuel Genie Systems changes all that with easy to install long lasting user friendly systems which need little to no maintenance. Our systems not only give better fuel economy they significantly reduce harmful exhaust emissions at all engine speeds. HHO has been around for 13 years now with gravity fed kits available. Our hho generator technology beats this “hands down” as the kits hook right into the vacuum of the motor.

Our hho generators are rock solid and second to none…

​Our HHO hydrogen gas generators are rock solid and 2nd to none. How could they not be? They were developed over a 9 year period. The president of the company saw the potential and positive aspects, of developing a hydrogen generator that would hook right into the vacuum of any motor. Not exactly easy stuff. Proprietary and careful mixing of just the right O2 and Hydrogen. This was worked out over a couple year period to get the mixing of the oxygen, hydrogen, and water components which make up the hho gas mixture just right. They have to be. Too little of one or too much of another gives a car that runs on water a performance problem. So the president delicately worked out a solution over time to get it right. The steam cleaning of the engine, again this is a water molicule or particle issue with the hydrogen gas. Too much water in the hho gas and that would be detrimental to the motor and life of it. A 5 micron filter also ensures excess water does NOT enter the motor.