What is Pollution?

HHO environmental issues – what is pollution

Pollution affects all of us and is defined as something that is introduced into a environment that has adverse effects on it. A environment being a person, place or thing. In the case of a human being pollutants take up the form of toxins and these toxins have a adverse effect on our health. For example smoking has toxic compounds associated with it which adversely effect our bodies. Another example would be the pollutants which are found in our air, with factories, automobiles and airliners being the chief contributor of these toxic pollutants that you breath everyday. Environmental pollution is another type of pollution which have adverse effects on the earth. Toxic spills into bodies or streams of water can make it toxic to the life which it supports; an example would be a oil spill. Or possibly man made chemicals introduced into crops to make them more resistant to bugs and pests, really do not work and also, are quite detrimental to other “essential” eco system life forms. Like the bees and how they pollinate critical plant life which provides oxygen. This would be the case with neo-nicotinoids and their effect on declining bee populations throughout north america. Using a hho generator can’t help with neo-nicotinoids but can help clean up auto emissions, and using a hho generator also puts oxygen back into the air. Surprising a lot of people don’t know what is pollution.

HHO environmental issues – what is air pollution

Air pollution is caused by toxic chemicals which enter the earths atmosphere via smoke stacks, trains, coal burning electrical plants, automobiles, airliners, construction vehicles. These toxic chemicals contain quite a few hazardous toxic compounds and we breath these everyday. These compounds obviously would be more concentrated in larger cities where there is more of the above polluters present. For example in Ottawa, On. there is a lot of construction going on. Construction vehicles primarily run on diesel and some days during the winter, you can smell the diesel fumes in the air. These fumes are introduced into your natural environment through your breathing are toxic in nature and therefore adversely effect your health, albeit possibly over a 10 to 20 year period when a disease finally shows up due to the toxic foreign substances ingested. Quite a legacy to leave for our children as well. A HHO kit sold by FGS and SEHH live up to the promise of reducing emissions on these vehicles quite substantially. Our 5 gas analyzer test shows you just how much emissions are reduced when a hho generator is used with vehicles. Our hho generators work for gas, diesel and hybrid electric. What is air pollution is a surprising question but a lot of people do ask it.

HHO environmental issues – what is water pollution

As with any type of pollution where a substance is introduced into a natural environment, water is part of the natural environment that is essential to life. Trees, plants, wildlife, humans, all depend on it. When you dump something into a stream or body of water that effects the composition of it too much this can have a adverse effect, be it immediate or in time, on whatever is drinking from the water supply. As air pollution is carried by the crosswinds of the earth, toxins get deposited throughout all water supplies. Municipalities use water filtration plants to remove some of these impurities and also add chemicals to purify the water as well. Sadly I feel once water is polluted it’s purity is lost. As automobile emissions are a MAJOR source of water pollution it is essential to eliminate or try to eliminate this source. By having hydrogen cars that have been adapted using a hydrogen on demand system, air pollutants would get reduced immensely and remove one of the primary sources of water pollution. What is water pollution; some times you don’t or feel it but it does have adverse effects on us.

HHO environmental issues – How does pollution effect our health

Quite a bit actually, speaking from personal experience on this one. I once was 290 lbs with poor health, allergies, asthma, bad back. I found by detoxifying and doing a quality detox, this helped my health immensely. There is a way to do this and it is very hard to get it right. I find most people do not get it right and therefore abandon this path of detox and elimination of toxins from their body, when it really was the correct way to go to gain health back. There is a lot too it I do state that, and ask yourself this: If we have a hho generator product which hooks into the vacuum of any motor, saves you gas money, gives near zero emissions or makes your car a eco car, how come we have it with simple 8 years of testing, r&d and development? How did we at FGS and SEHH know this is possible and create this wonderful HOD generator? Were is or was the government in this role? Why did the government not venture into a role such as a hydrogen water type generator, especially if the underlying principle was there and *proven* with the inception of original hho kits starting around the year 2000, 2001, 2002? The original hho kits were actively sold on portals like amazon and ebay, sold to consumers who paid cash for them. Some things you just don’t know and maybe best not figured out.